LYRICS: Gustavo Palacios
MUSIC: Juan Gerardo Candioti / Alejandro Miguel Lagger



An instant that deserves to be legend can start like this
Two words in the wind, an image passing
And the story is huge in the feeling.


The good if short is better
Because it turns into a delicious bite
This cheers up this moment
And prepares to take
A flawless banquet, a huge feast.


Little stories about creatures
That we all can find
Its interior is enormous
Although minimum its lines
Since we have enough with one speaker.


Of ephemeral words History is full
And together they constitute a real legacy
Of looks and faces, of voices and pouts
Of life instants that tell a lot more.


An opera begins in a sound
And of minimum heartbeats is made an existence
An endless tower begins with a brick
Life starts one hour at the time.


The least is the shape
The most is what it keeps
And every character holds a story in itself
Blessed and great is the meeting
Since then, forever, others will be.


“Minimal Musicals” ending